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If you are searching for a place where you can venture into the wild, your search ends here! With a countless number of nature parks and wildlife safaris, South Africa is every wildlife traveller’s delight. Soak into the vibrant ambiance of this place, while admiring the picture-perfect landscapes of this country. Whether you are a first-time visitor a frequent traveller, this place will not disappoint. Home to many wild animals and tropical rainforests, Africa is definitely a must visit. The blend of ancient traditions and sophisticated urban centres makes Africa a unique travel Some of the must-visit places in Africa include Victoria Falls, Wildlife in Masai Mara, Timgad, White Dessert National Park and Fex, amongst others. Need more reasons to visit Africa? Swadeshi Tours Africa Packages are custom made as per your requirements. With flexible planning options, you can create your own package and uncover the hidden gems of Africa with Thomas Cook. If you are in search of an adrenaline rush, Africa is the place you need to be in.destination. Being the second largest continent in the world, you will experience diversity in its truest form.